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How do I organise a viewing?

It is more likely than not, you have found the property on-line since this is where over 90% of buyers are sourced.  We live in a world of modern technology where the internet is the main form of successful advertising. 

Perhaps you have been driving around a specific area of interest and noticed a “For Sale” board in the garden.  Wherever you have seen the advert, take a note of the telephone number, e-mail or website address then contact the Estate Agency to arrange a viewing.

It is advisable not to approach the seller direct since this can easily cause them distress.  Respecting the seller’s wishes acknowledges they are not a private seller and have taken the decision of employing an Estate Agent to handle the sale of their home.

What should I look for when I’m viewing a property?

Only you know what you are looking for in your “ideal” property.  Unless you are designing your own property, it is very unlikely that the property you will buy will tick every single box.  

Viewing a property on-line can be very different from viewing it yourself.  Taking time to look at a property means you can get the “feel of it” from when you walk through the door.  It also provides an ideal opportunity to ask questions as you walk around. 

You may have viewed the Home Report prior to the viewing and perhaps there are elements within it that concern you.  By viewing the property, it allows you to see for yourself and perhaps get assurances from the property owner or Estate Agent that will put your mind at rest.

What is an Open Viewing?

An “Open Viewing” is when the viewing times are fixed to a particular day & time.

Perhaps there has been a great deal of interest in a particular property and the Estate Agent feels that viewings will work better this way or perhaps, if the owner is doing the viewings, they can only manage certain time slots.  Don’t be surprised if there are other people viewing along with you at the same time.


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